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Pacific Rim Wine Competition

Welcome to the Pacific Rim International Wine Competition!

Since 1985, it has been our mission to champion great wines. Our Competition consists of a two-day, blind-tasting event where judges representing all aspects of the wine industry evaluate the wines and award medals accordingly. At the conclusion of the Competition, we publish the results on social media, as well as to various importers and wine distributors. Award-winning wineries are given medals to showcase at their wineries and medal logo templates to feature on their wine bottles. Wines receiving a Best in Show or Best in Class Award will also receive tasting notes from a Certified Sommelier to feature on their social media accounts, website and newsletters.

At the National Orange Show Fairgrounds in San Bernardino

Submission portal:

For more information contact:

Spreti Valente, Competition Chair


National Orange Show Presents: Pacific Rim International Wine Competition Unveils Call for Entries

Inland Empire, Southern California — January 10, 2024
Since 1985, the Pacific Rim International Wine Competition, hosted by the National Orange Show, has stood as a beacon for exceptional wines, committed to celebrating the artistry and craftsmanship of winemakers. This distinguished two-day blind-tasting event, led by Chairwoman and Certified Sommelier Spreti Valente and Operations Director, Nicole Orue, invites wineries to submit their exceptional wines for a chance to be recognized among the best.

Key Features of the Pacific Rim International Wine Competition:
● Mission to Champion Great Wines: Since its inception, the competition has championed extraordinary wines, embodying the passion and skill of winemakers.
● Two-Day Blind-Tasting Event: Judges, representing diverse facets of the wine industry, meticulously assess entries, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of each wine’s quality and character.
● Partnership with the National Orange Show: The competition is proudly hosted by the National Orange Show, a symbol of Inland Empire’s rich heritage, and together, they are eager to showcase wines of excellence to the Inland Empire.
● Recognition for Excellence: Award-winning wineries receive medals and customizable logo templates, proudly displayed at their establishments, reflecting their commitment to quality.
● Widespread Announcement: Results are promptly shared on social media platforms, reaching audiences worldwide, and distributed to importers and wine distributors.
● Personalized Recognition: Wines achieving the pinnacle of success receive exclusive tasting notes from our expert judges, enriching wineries’ marketing efforts on social media, websites, and newsletters.

Chairwoman Spreti Valente, CS, Extends a Toast to Your Success
Guiding this celebration of exceptional wines is Spreti Valente, CS, the Chairwoman of the Pacific Rim International Wine Competition. Valente’s commitment to recognizing excellence aligns seamlessly with the competition’s dedication to showcasing the finest wines. Spreti Valente, CS, Chairwoman of the Pacific Rim International Wine Competition, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “As Chairwoman, I am thrilled to lead the Pacific Rim International Wine Competition alongside the National Orange Show. Together, we are eager to shine a spotlight on wines of excellence, bringing the best to the Inland Empire.”

Competition Details:
● Competition Dates: May 1st and 2nd, 2024
● Entry Deadline: April 24th, 2024
● Price: $85

How to Enter: Wineries can submit their exceptional wines and find more information on the official competition website:

For media inquiries, please contact:
Leslie Bischoff – Director of Marketing & Public Relations with the National Orange Show
Cell: 951-312-5695

For competition updates, follow us on social media:
● Facebook:
● Instagram: @PacificRimWineComp

About the Pacific Rim International Wine Competition: Since 1985, the Pacific Rim International Wine Competition, hosted by the National Orange Show, has been a global showcase of excellence, recognizing outstanding wines and the dedication of winemakers. With a commitment to transparency and celebration, the competition continues to set the standard for honoring the finest wines.

We encourage you to enter your wines and contact our director Nicole Varner Orue if you have any questions.

Pacific Rim Wine Competition
689 South “E” Street
San Bernardino, CA 92408