Event Planning

Let us take the stress out of event coordinating!

Take the first step with us and let our professional event coordinators work their magic to make your event successful.

The First Step to Event Planning:who what where when why how

WHO is having the Event?

WHAT kind of Event is it and what will it include? (e.g. live performance, dining, auctions?)

WHERE, as in what building would you like to have the Event in? (See Venues)

WHEN would you like to have the Event?

WHY are you having the Event? (e.g. private party, fundraiser, public entertainment) {marketing/advertising purposes}

HOW many people do you plan to have attend?


We work on a very personal, yet professional level with each and every one of our clients to fulfill their event goals and go beyond their expectations.  Planning an event takes a lot of work and thought, that’s why the National Orange Show Events Center has a professional team ready for all your event services and needs.  From fine dining to spectacular decor and much more, we have what you need for a successful event.

Our complete event planning services include:

Advertising and Promotional: The National Orange Show Events Center offers advertising and promotions to be used as a supplement to your existing promotions and advertising efforts. Our advertising and promotional channels include:

  • The National Orange Show Events Center Website
  • Public Relations
  • Newspaper Advertising
  • Cross Promotions

When advertising and promoting an event at our facility, you must use the approved National Orange Show Events Center logo and positioning statements. Contactmarketing@nosevents.com for more information.

Audio and Visual: The National Orange Show Events Center provides full audio/visual services either through Event Center equipment or the support of our preferred audio/visual supplier. Contactsales@nosevents.com for pricing and additional information.

Rental and Equipment Use: The National Orange Show Events Center can assist you with a host of equipment services including: floor layout and design, rental furnishings, gazebos, pillars, dance floor, limousine service, event decorating, cakes, florists, DJ service, pipe & drape, and a variety of specialized services. Contact sales@nosevents.com for pricing and more information. Housekeeping: The National Orange Show Events Center provides cleaning services including: aisle cleaning, garbage removal, booth cleaning, and a variety of other housekeeping services, through our preferred suppliers.

Insurance: The National Orange Show Events Center requires that all licensees have comprehensive general liability insurance. You are expected to provide evidence of coverage (original certificate of insurance), which sets forth the following:

  • Comprehensive general liability coverage for bodily injury, death, or property damage, with minimum liability limits of $1,000,000 minimum combined single limits (including products, completed operations and coverage for all owned and non-owned vehicles, if applicable); and
  • Workers’ Compensation coverage in accordance with applicable statutory requirements if applicable

Management reserves the right to specify increased limits of liability insurance based on the event. Contact your event coordinator for more details.

Parking Services: Our 120-acre campus has a capacity of over 8,000 parking stalls to accommodate your guests. Our center is a multi-use facility and parking is on a first-come, first-served basis. Parking is professionally coordinated by our events staff to ensure maximum ease of access to and from the facility.

Safety and Medical: Our center offers complete safety and medical services to patrons, exhibitors, volunteers, and staff.

Security: Our event security personnel are on hand at every event on our grounds to provide you with the security you need for the safety of your patrons.

Telephone and Internet Access: Our center provides solutions for all your telephone and internet-access needs. Services include Internet high-speed access, telephone lines for voice/data/fax, teleconferencing, and voicemail.

Ticket Sales: Full event-ticketing services are available for your event. Contact sales@nosevents.com for more information.