National Citrus Institute

National Orange ShowA permanent feature of the Orange Show since 1919, the National Citrus Institute is designed to educate local citrus growers on the industry’s latest information, innovations, and updates.  In the past, the institute has been an invitation-only conference for citrus growers in Southern California, however, due to the serious threat to all citrus imposed by Asian Citrus Psyllid, the conference audience has been expanded to include any party interested in citrus, including homeowners.

Citrus meetings will be held throughout the year for the community.

The next citrus meeting is June 10, 2014 |  10am-12:30pm

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The program is currently developed by:
University of California Cooperative Extension – Riverside County
The Citrus Research Board
California Citrus Mutual
University of California, Riverside
The National Orange Show
University of California Cooperative Extension – San Diego County


For more information please visit these sites:

California Department of Food & Agriculture: CDFA and CDFA Press Release

Citrus Pest and Disease Prevention website:


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